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Hi, I’m Cathy. I'm an experienced graphic designer with a natural ability to translate strategic business objectives into compelling creative that builds brands and creates engagement.


As a freelance designer, I love to work directly with marketing and project managers or act as
an extension of a creative team. 


Whether it's B2B communications like marketing collateral, case studies, infographics, and product sheets, or a digital ad campaign, I am your company's reliable, "go to" designer.

I take pride in being effective, efficient, and easy to work with. How can I help you?

My story

My career path took off after graduating with a degree in graphic design, landing a role as a junior designer at a retail corporation in St. Louis, MO.
I gained an understanding of the consumer landscape, designing signage, promotions, and all that accompanies the marketing of a store brand. Two years later, I left for Atlanta (and the Olympics) where I sought out more design challenges that would take me beyond that one store. 


I presented my portfolio to over 50 Atlanta companies in my first 4 months and soon, my hustle paid off. I started freelancing at ad agencies and design firms and got alot of experience being flexible and reliable, while being exposed to a wide variety of people, projects, and work settings. For a brief period, I partnered with 2 others to form a boutique design firm, but I was soon recruited to a large marketing agency in Connecticut. 


I got to work on impressive clients like Cadillac, The History Channel, and Kellogg’s, gaining an understanding of how promotions work within a larger marketing and advertising strategy. After a widespread downsizing, I was asked to come on as an in-house contractor at Gartner where I designed corporate conference brochures and internal communications.


From Connecticut, I went to Wisconsin, to raise 2 incredible kids with my husband, Clint. His work opportunity brought us back to Atlanta, where my priority was still raising those incredible little people all while I worked as an independent contractor (freelancer).


For the last several years, I have been a reliable “go-to” designer for the creative services team at Equifax, turning around marketing collateral
pieces from product sheets, to infographics, to email campaigns, and annual themed conference materials. 


While my career spans designing retail signage to big promotions to corporate communications – and everything in between – the common thread is that I’ve enjoyed each new challenge and I love using my design talent and business acumen to make clients happy.

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